Yorkshire Tea

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Tuesday Tea Tasting


Some people (myself included) drink tea regularly throughout the day at the same time every day. (You could almost set your clock by my colleague's tea breaks.) So Yorkshire Tea offers three different teas to mix your daily brews up a bit.


It can't be morning already: Their Breakfast Brew is rich and strong with an extra powerful punch of Assam. Sip and WAKE UP!


Is it nearly home time? The Breaktime Brew is refreshing with the flavour of orange and lemon to get you through the afternoon.


Just before snoozeville: Bedtime Brew is decaffeinated and blended with lemon balm and nutmeg, perfect as a hot drink before slipping under the duvet.


Did you know? When Safeway was taken over by West Yorkshire-based Morrisons in 2004, commentators in the London press noted the amount of shelf space in one former Safeway store that was suddenly given over to Yorkshire Tea.


Tea tip: don't mix these teas up! If you are putting them in tins or caddies make sure they're labeled ;)