My Cup of Tea

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Just in case you were wondering how Cuppa Coasters started here’s a little intro. My name is Marisa Davies and I love a good cup of tea. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many countries that are the source of the good stuff…fields and fields of tea plantations.


It was my latest trip to Sri Lanka where I started to take a photo of my tea in every village I stopped at. 25 towns later I had an awesome array of teacups, tablecloths and delicious cuppas. Each has their own story... one was at the end of a 5 hour trek up to the top of a mountain where (thankfully) a local guy with a kettle and some chai was chilling at the top. In one café, the owner started to style the shot, adding bunches of bananas to an already fruit-filled tablecloth.


And so I decided to turn this little project into a bigger one, and started Cuppa Coasters with a more English theme to reflect the cups of tea I drank growing up. But watch this space for Sri Lankan coasters too!

I'm proud to say I package each and every coaster set myself. 

18 lines cut, 12 rounded corners punched, 5 stickers, 3 folds, 2 edges scissored, 1 staple, and repeat.