Boozy Brew Series #1: Harry Brompton's Alcoholic Iced Tea

To kick off my Boozy Brew series (and because the British Summer has finally arrived) I tasted the ‘worlds first premium alcoholic ice tea' from Harry Brompton - the perfect picnic pick me up.


The range of three tasty 4% abv, gluten free teas are lightly sparkling (nicely not too fizzy) made with Kenyan black teas and craft-distilled vodka. A pretty good mix and a nice little boozy hit on a hot day. As well as the classic London Iced Tea, there is Berries and Cucumber (lovely light flavour) and a slightly less sweet (and yay only 99 calories!) Skinny Peach. Recommended with lots of ice and a slice of lime - add mint and cucumber to make it truly extravagant!


So pop some bottles in your picnic basket for a tasty tipple while the sun shines!


Tea tip: they do a non-alcoholic iced tea too if you're looking for a refreshing hit without the liquor kick.