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You wait all winter to do an iced tea review – and then three come along at once! No cold brewing is involved, Harry has done all the hard work for you…the London brand, Harry Brompton’s, is a small company with big ambitions: To bring fantastic British Ice Tea to the world. And happily for me, a box of their iced tea made it to my door.


Harry Brompton's started out as an alcoholic iced tea (will be reviewing soon as part of my Boozy Brew series) but recently released their London Iced Tea in three flavours: Lemon & Lime, Peach, and Lemon & Ginger.


Lemon & Lime: It hits you with the citrus flavour right away. It’s a sweet smack to the lips followed by the taste of black Kenyan tea that leaves a slightly tangy finish.


Peach: My boyfriend (and massive iced tea fan) drank this before I'd had the chance to put the 'don't drink this' post-it-note on it. He says: pretty good actually. Retains the tea flavour that a lot of mainstream iced teas don't have. It didn't taste like a soft drink, it tasted like tea.


Lemon & Ginger: My boyfriend's brother and partner in crime drank this one. He says: It's cold tea! Punchy and really refreshing. Maybe could do with a bit more ginger but I really liked it.


Summed up pretty well by the boys. All three are big bottles of summer scrummyness. Great for an on-the-go cuppa that doesn’t require a thermos!


Did you know?

There are no calories in a 500ml bottle of Harry Brompton's Lemon & Ginger so go for that one if you like unsweetened tea. They are currently available from London Tescos.


Tea tip: I don't think I really need to tell you to serve with ice, but do!