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Rare Tea Company Speedy Breakfast Top Tea Blogger blog

Tuesday Tea Tasting


As the famous Grand National horse race took place on Sunday, I thought an appropriate tea to try this week was Speedy Breakfast from Rare Tea Company.

It's quick and strong (the attributes of any winning racehorse) and comes packaged in colourful stripes that would look great as jockey's silks.

The tea leaves are cut a bit finer to infuse faster, so if you want to make a quick cuppa, but still avoid teabags then this is perfect, and great with a dash of milk.

There are no race horses named Speedy Breakfast (Speedy Boarding, Bush Breakfast, and Tea For Two were the closet I could find) but this fast, strong brew will ensure you're first past the post, every morning.


Tea tip: Perfect with a (Sea)biscuit ;)