Tea in Amsterdam - Roasters & Bakers, Mook, Four Leaves, Tea Bar, Formocha, Teasme

With only 48 hours in Amsterdam, here are a couple of places I stopped for a cuppa - and a couple of places I wish I'd had time to pause in.


bakers and roasters amsterdam teasme top tea blogger

Bakers & Roasters: a super place for brunch - Banana bread fried in egg with banana marmalade syrup and bacon - wow that was fuel for the rest of the day sight-seeing! They serve New Zealand tea Teasme and I went for the house blend so sip beside the tulip laden tables.

bakers and roasters amsterdam top tea blogger
mook pancakes tea bar amsterdam top tea blogger

Mook Pancakes: deserving of it's own blog - and that it will get. For pancakes in Amsterdam you have lots of choices - but most will have you queuing with others tourists so head a little out of the centre for seriously tasty pancakes with awesome combos. They serve Tea Bar tea and the Ra Ra Rasputin - a Russian Earl Grey with orange which was smooth and full of flavour.

mook pancakes amsterdam top tea blogger
tea bar amsterdam top tea blogger

The Tea Bar: walk in to the Tea Bar and you are hit with such delicious aromas that it will take a while to leave! The rows of tea are like a pick 'n mix, with little bags to fill with whichever tea you fancy. I was as indecisive as a kid in a sweet shop, but did come away with something to try for another Tuesday Tea Tasting so stay tuned!

tea bar amsterdam top tea blogger

Four Leaves: with so little time I was only able to pop my head through the door for a snoop. They are distributors of Theodor teas from France - I am totally in love with their simple packaging with a coloured ribbon to tell you the type of tea. Worth popping in.

Formocha: looking super smart, Fomocha serves and sells Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese loose leaf teas. Owner Amanda Yiu learned about tea while growing up in the hometown of gong fu cha, where the tea ceremony was perfected over hundreds of years. While I didn't have time to stop - I imagine I would have learnt a lot by stepping inside...next time for sure!

If I have missed any Amsterdam tea spots do let me know, but hopefully these are enough for you to be getting on with ;)