Petersham Nurseries - Richmond

petersham nurseries top tea blogger
petersham nurseries top tea blogger

I'm not green-fingered and I don't have a balcony, let alone a garden, but when a garden centre has a teahouse - well I'm sold.


Petersham Nurseries is the great way to end a walk along the Thames and across Petersham Meadows. Its large greenhouse is full of wobbly rusty tables and weather-beaten chairs. Oh and quite a few prams but luckily there is plenty of space in-between the tables for these. The space is enchantingly beautiful. With plants covering the sides and ceiling and pretty pots of flowers and chillis on the tables - I'll definitely be returning in the summer when I imagine the place is in full bloom!


They have a great selection of tea and offer a Tea Of The Week (which I didn't go for - oops) instead opting for a stronger cuppa to warm me up on a cold wintery day. The Assam was just what I was after but I can't give a full review as I was a bit distracted from actually tasting the tea...I was busy people watching as the customers picked out their plants. But I must have enjoyed it because it disappeared pretty quick!

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