Rare Tea Company - Green Whole Leaf Tea

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Tuesday Tea Tasting


You'll rarely find me drinking a green tea. I'm just not that into it. But I like to keep trying and always love to be pleasantly surprised.


And so it was with Rare Tea Company's Whole Leaf Green Tea. Their cute little caddies contain instructions helping me realise where I've been going wrong all these years - I like my tea light and sweet and so this green tea really doesn't need much brewing time. Just a quick minute to infuse for a tasty, refreshing cuppa. (My fault for steeping other green teas for too long in the past and ending up with a bitter, nasty concoction - probably a mistake to try mass produced versions too!)


You'll still find me reaching for a black tea most days but now I've learnt to make a proper green tea, with proper green tea leaves - I'll defo be mixing it up a bit more!


Oh and just a side note, the founder of RTC, Henrietta Lovell (aka the Tea-Lady) lives the life I dream of. Check out her instagram for beautiful pictures from her tea travels.