Jing Tea Ceremonies at Pont St

It must be Christmas when afternoon teas start to include mince pies and chestnut and brandy macarons!


Pont St's also includes Christmas trifle and gingerbread Pramma girls, inspired by their Christmas window collaboration (see below). I was at the restaurant at Belgraves Hotel to enjoy some tea ceremonies with Jing Tea whose teas compliment the delicious menu. I've raved about their tea before  - and my tune hasn't changed! Their Golden Gong Fu is caramely and their chai spicy and warming - but my faves were their cold brew infusions of Jasmine Silver Needle and Phoenix Oolong.


Tasty tea, gorgeous grub and a stylish setting. A proper festive treat.

Belgraves Hotel window Pramma Girls Stefania Pramma Valeria Napoleone Pont St Love Helps

What a window!

Belgraves Hotel has collaborated with sisters Stefania Pramma and Valeria Napoleone to spread Christmas cheer by launching a unique and thought-provoking take on the festive trend - the heart-warming scene of two sisters holding hands with the phrase "Love Helps" written between them.

"It is Christmas time, another chance to talk about love and togetherness! That is exactly what will be addressed with this exciting collaboration with the Belgraves - visually, verbally and conceptually. We were born twins so collaborations are in our DNA by definition and genetics. We love the power of collaborations, in reaching out, getting messages across and connecting and inspiring people," said Pramma and Napoleone.