How To Make Tea by Brian R. Keating & Kim Long

Tuesday Tea Tasting

This week is more like Tuesday Tea Textbook. Instead of tasting tea I stuck my nose in a book and learnt more about how to turn my tea leaves and hot water into a remarkable beverage with 'How To Make Tea' by Brian R Keating and Kim Long. 


Described as the science behind the leaf, it starts with a brief history of tea and takes you on a journey through the chemistry behind tea, its taste,  the basic necessities, and how to make it using techniques from different tea-drinking cultures. This is not for your now-and-again tea drinker, but for a true tea-lover that will be left gasping for a “perfectly splendid" cuppa after the first few pages. I loved the simple illustrations and diagrams - and honestly the detail it goes into is pretty extreme! 


It certainly is a textbook for serious tea drinkers, but one enabling you to pass a practical exam you certainly won't mind studying for.