Redbush Tea Company - Original Rooibos

Tuesday Tea Tasting

Hello fellow tea lovers and late night wide-awakers!

While other people can turn off the light and fall asleep in an instant, it takes me a good few hours to travel to the land of nod. And for a tea lover this proves a bit tricky when gasping for a cuppa in the evening. Caffeine is a bugger and so, despite my addiction, I had to give myself a cuppa-cut-off: 6pm.

Rooibos (Afrikaan for red bush) has been my saviour. No it is not a proper cup of tea, it never will be. But it is a great caffeine-free alternative. Redbush Tea Company are the only UK tea company that sells purely rooibos tea so they kinda know what they’re doing. The Original Rooibos is good, earthy, sweet and smooth. A lovely soil-red colour even with milk.

Bonus: they give a percentage of the profits from the sale of their teas to the Kalahari Peoples Fund (KPF). They are a 35 year old, not for profit organisation that came together to help the San and other peoples in southern Africa.

Right, off to try and get to sleep.